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Welcome to Ctechinfo! This website was first developed roughly 13 years ago to step in where Compaq support fell short. Even though we concentrate in identifying motherboards used in Compaq and HP computers, we offer tech support for any brand of computer.

The project that ultimately transformed into this website started off as just a group of guys working for as moderators doing tech support, motherboard ID's, etc. As time wore on we gained more and more information about Compaq and HP motherboards. Hardware Junkie, as a Compaq support tech, started us off with some Compaq information. Evasive, was spearheading the HP side of things. Then I (Toby B.) came along and through time was able to learn from the others, refine my skills blossoming into what we came to call me a "Compaq-fu Master".

Our goals remain unchanged and clear; to provide the fastest, most accurate support possible for your Compaq/HP computer. We are a group of individuals based worldwide who have willingly decided to step in and provide support where HP cannot or does not choose to.

Even if HP was to offer a boat load of money, I don't foresee having any form of affiliation, corporate or otherwise, with HP.

We appreciate your donations!!

Free Technical Support
Motherboard Identification/Information
Manual/Documentation Downloads
OEM-to-Retail BIOS Conversions


(02/09/2016) Note from Toby B. - For the first time in nearly fifteen years, the website is getting a major code overhaul. Sadly, this project is taking a while as I fight quirky code and writer's block. In the end I hope the changes make for a better experience for everyone.

Note from Toby B. - First off I would like to publicly thank Edwin (a.k.a evasive) for funding the site for another year. Since the site was first developed I tried not to plaster ads all over the site, Lets face it nobody is a fan of websites plastered with advertisements. But, websites cost money to run. If there is corporate backing there is little worry about the bills. Privately funded sites like this one are typically paid for by the person running the site. I created the site, so therefore I should fund the site, a concept which I totally agree with.

The dilemma I am faced with, I don't make $20.00 an hour. In fact I was unemployed for almost three months recently, which ate up what little savings I had. And my new job is only part time at the moment. I have tried different avenues of generating a little bit of income from the site to help offset my out of pocket expenses, but the ads are not generating any income, and the Paypal donation option seems to be just as effective.

People seem to find the site useful, and I have seen comments on it being a shame that the site was forced offline for financial reasons (which it has in the past). If people truely find the site useful, show some appreciation. If 22 people were to donate $5.00, the cost of hosting the site would be covered without being such a burden on any one person.

So, to explain why there are ads and a Paypal link. I am exhausting all efforts to generate the slightest bit of revenue from the site. I do not like having to beg and plead for money. But if people want the site to remain online, I am forced to beg since the other methods haven't worked. Web Hosting $6.95